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Sichuan east sichuan cable co., LTD is located in sichuan province dazhu county industrial park, began in 1970, covers an area of 210 mu. For wire and cable branch of China electrical equipment industry association, deputy director of the unit, the original ministry of machine building wire and cable products designated production enterprise, the ministry of construction national well-off residential construction recommend products manufacturing enterprises, state-level "defend the contract heavy credit enterprise", "sichuan province quality credit ratings AAA" and "brand-name products in sichuan" enterprise.

The company has a good technical and management team, with intermediate professional and technical personnel more than 168 people. Company for the ministry of Labour and social security of "machinery industry professional skill appraisal cable station" in sichuan province, established in cable research institute, sichuan provincial enterprise technology center, with strong scientific research strength. And, the company has a number of patents and patent products, fill in several blanks in domestic.

The company mainly produces electrical equipment with wire and cable, power cables, rubber sets of cables, special cables, aluminum alloy power cable, electric floor heating cable, annual production capacity of 300000 km. Production at the same time "in" brand PE, pp-r hot and cold water pipe, steel mesh skeleton (PE) pipe, PVC pipes, PVC - U pipes with enhancement spiral corrugated pipe, steel, aluminum alloy lining plastic (pp-r) compound pipe and pipe fittings and other series products. The company has a full range of testing equipment is suitable for domestic and international standard of more than 100 sets, equipped with domestic advanced production equipment more than 500 sets. Provides a fundamental guarantee for high quality products. At present, through the ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification, ISO14001:2004 environmental management system certification, GB/T28001-2001 occupational health and safety management system certification, CCC certification, industrial products production license certification, mining products safety sign certificate of certification, the European union RoHS standard certification.

At present, the company production of "black like" brand wire and cable, variety complete, reliable quality, best-selling all over the country, and exported to Australia, kazakhstan, turkmenistan, the united Arab emirates and other countries and regions. ABB company in Australia, chongqing jiangbei airport, ertan hydropower station, xiangjiaba hydropower station, kunming power supply bureau, the state grid sichuan province electric power company, state grid of chongqing electric power company, nine dragons paper, China resources group, chongqing iron and steel group, the chengdu aircraft industrial group, sichuan road and bridge, coal group, guizhou panjiang coal group, ridge in the mining industry in guizhou, guizhou linhua.she town male coal mining, yunnan, China Yangtze river shipping group, conch cement, China petroleum and other units is widely used, well received by users.

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