The President delivered a speech

Dear friends:

Our company since its inception in the seventy s, after more than forty in the spring and autumn, the company from small to large, from weak strength. For more than forty years, the company adhering to the "works together, pioneering spirit, first-class, service society" the objective, tirelessly in a long time, hard work, always adhere to the first-class products dedicated to society, the general public.

For more than forty years, as a result of each friend's strong support and help, our company has made great progress, successfully crossed the important historical stage, makes the "black like" brand wire and cable series products have obtained it due credit.

The past efforts has been historical setting, we service for every friend of the cordial but has a long history! We will continue to work hard, double self-excitation, comprehensively improve the quality of the enterprise, with excellent results in return for each friend's enthusiasm for my company, and hope to continue to be friends in the new era of the strong support and help!

I wish you all friends in the new century new harvest!

 Shu ICP for 06016669-2
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